Algerians seeking old guard’s exit protest versus upcoming survey

Algerians seeking old guard’s exit protest versus upcoming survey

Algerians seeking old guard's exit protest against upcoming poll

Friday marks the 42 nd successive week the ‘Hirak’ protest motion has arranged marches throughout the country [File:Ryad Kramdi/AFP]

Fresh presentations are taking place in Algeria, the last in a series of weekly marches in the lead-up to a presidential election opposed by a protest movement that fears it will cement in power political leaders near to the old political elite.

Algeria is scheduled to hold the election on December 12 but the thousands rallying every Friday have long demanded the departure of the political elite connected to former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika – who stopped in April following mass demonstrations – prior to any vote takes place.


Protesters state all five prospects seeking the presidency either supported the former leader or participated in his government.

” These elections are merely a smokescreen for the extension” of the old guard, Youcef Boundel, a p rofessor of political science and worldwide relations at Qatar University, told Al Jazeera.

” At the moment [there] is some sort of inertia, it offers the impression that something is happening … however in truth nothing changes,” he stated. “The present regime is going to remain and changing Bouteflika [for] another person will not alter the type and the nature of this authoritarian political system that [has] existed.”

‘ New name, very same policies’

Angry at unemployment, corruption and a senior elite seen as out of touch with the young, Algerians have actually taken to the streets since February 22 to object, at first against ailing Bouteflika’s strategies to remain in office, and then for the elimination of all remnants of a secretive political and military facility that has actually controlled the nation for decades.

Friday marks the 42 nd consecutive week the “Hirak” demonstration movement has arranged marches throughout the nation.

” I am not against voting, I protest this election because it is just serving to recycle Bouteflika figures,” Fatiha Bendahmane told AFP news firm.

” We will have a new name but the very same policies that damaged the economy of this country. I will march today to say no to voting with this regime,” stated Bendahmane, a 55- year-old instructor, as she prepared to march in the capital, Algiers.

Al Jazeera and news agencies

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