Democratic dispute preview: Democrats look for to slow Sanders’s momentum

Democratic dispute preview: Democrats look for to slow Sanders’s momentum

CHARLESTON, S.C.– More than 500 people crowded into a massive renovated warehouse in downtown Charleston on Monday night to hear Warren make her case to South Carolina.

Warren spoke primarily about her plan to impose a 2 percent wealth tax on those with fortunes of $50 million or more, arguing that the income collected might fund a host of education efforts.

However in the audience, citizens were stressed over something else– whether Warren can win. Before voting begun, Gail Hardie, a 69- year-old retired instructor, stated that she and her other half, Bob, were with Warren. But now they’re considering Biden rather.

” We’re very much worried about beating Donald Trump, and I do not like the increase of Bernie,” stated Hardie, who, in addition to her partner, volunteers for the gun-control company Mothers Demand Action. She said that Sanders didn’t share her strong support for weapon legislation and revealed issue that Republicans have actually been motivated by state-level Republican organizations to vote for Sanders in the Democratic primary.

Others said they were not worried by Warren’s showing in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

Grimmage said that Warren has actually had her assistance for months. “She’s been constant from Day One,” she said.

Regina Farrington, 60, a retired supervisor with Verizon, stated she has actually supported Warren for president considering that her very first look on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” in2009 “It’s simply her positions on the corrupting impact of wealth in this nation and what she wants to do to combat it,” she stated.

Her sister Mary Farrington, 69, stated she hopes Warren’s spirited look in the Nevada governmental debate would assist her in South Carolina.

Both women said that if Warren drops out, they would hesitantly support Sanders. “Their ideas, they’re pretty linked,” Mary Farrington stated.

” It’s very discouraging,” Regina included. “Each time I hear her speak, I’m much like, why? Why are they not on her bandwagon?”

Dixon is a freelance author.

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