Joe Biden Says Children ‘Hide Under Desks’ Due To The Fact That ‘Guns’

Joe Biden Says Children ‘Hide Under Desks’ Due To The Fact That ‘Guns’

Throughout his closing declaration at the February 19, 2020, Democrat debate in Las Vegas, Joe Biden suggested kids “conceal under desks” and run evasively in corridors due to the fact that of “guns.”

Biden stated:

I have actually been torn down an entire hell of a lot. I know what it resembles to get knocked down, however I know you have to return up. We have to offer some safety and security for the American people. Here in Nevada, the sight of the most significant mass murder in American history. Weapons. Our kids are getting sent to school needing to hide under desks, finding out how to run down corridors to avoid getting shot. It’s immoral. I’m the only one who beat the NRA nationally, and I beat them twice.

Earlier in the dispute, Biden doubled down on his push to open up weapon producers to claims and hold them accountable for the criminal usage of their items.

NBC News reported him gesturing towards Sen. Bernie Sanders and saying, “The only business we can’t go after are gun business because of my buddy here.”

Sanders did not say whether GMC, Ford, Mercedes, and Toyota ought to be sued if their vehicles are utilized in criminal car attacks. Nor did he say whether Easton, Louisville Slugger, and Rawlings should be sued if one of their bats is used in a fatal, criminal attack.

He is the political analyst for Armed American Radio.

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