Klobuchar Claims She Is ‘Exceeding Expectations’ After Nevada Caucus

Klobuchar Claims She Is ‘Exceeding Expectations’ After Nevada Caucus

Democrat presidential confident Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) congratulated herself and her campaign staff for “going beyond expectations” following early arise from the Nevada caucuses.

Klobuchar informed a crowd of supporters as arise from the Nevada caucus poured in:

As usual, I think we have actually surpassed expectations. A lot of people didn’t even think that I would still be standing at this moment. They didn’t think I would make it through that speech in the snow.

Klobuchar also declared she would “floor the nation” together with the aid of her campaign personnel and volunteers.

ENJOY: Amy Klobuchar speaks with advocates as Nevada caucus results been available in https://t.co/4xhlHorGDS pic.twitter.com/NJk2beSLw6

— CBS News (@CBSNews) February 23, 2020

” They didn’t believe I ‘d make it to the dispute flooring,” Klobuchar continued. “But time and time once again, because of all of you and due to the fact that of the people around this country that want something various than the person in the White House, we have won.”

Klobuchar likewise took shots and called out President Trump’s reference of her at a rally.

” You know I’ve shown up now,” Klobuchar said of Trump’s mention of her at a rally. She said:

Some think that the way to beat Donald Trump is to be just as polarizing. I believe what we know is this: That Donald Trump’s worst problem is that the people, the people that are tired of the mudslinging and the name-calling, will belong to call house this November.

That has been our mission from the beginning.

” Some believe the method to beat Donald Trump is to be just as polarizing,” Amy Klobuchar says.

Advocates yell out, “No!”

She says Trump’s “worst nightmare” is that “individuals in the center” gravitate to a campaign like hers https://t.co/4xhlHorGDS pic.twitter.com/iOQNewZlmC

— CBS News (@CBSNews) February 23, 2020

Klobuchar concluded:

If you’re trying to raise a family and sick of business titans lining their pockets while you are stitching the holes in yours, you have a house with me. And if you believe it is disgraceful that an American can be stopped and profiled because of the color of his skin, if you’re sick of a president that sees variety as a weakness instead of a nation’s fantastic strength, then you have a home with me.

Since late Saturday evening, a number of media outlets, including NBC News, the AP, and Fox News, called the Nevada caucus for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

As reported by Breitbart News’s Hannah Bleau, the New York City Times reported that Sanders carried out well among workers in Las Vegas, regardless of a bitter fight with the Culinary Union, which ultimately refrained from backing a specific Democrat prospect:

Bernie Sanders seemed performing well at caucus sites for casino workers on the Las Vegas Strip. Mr. Sanders won precincts at the Bellagio and the Wynn, improving him in websites filled with members of a labor union that has actually opposed his position on health care.

At the Bellagio, Mr. Sanders received 32 county delegates and Biden received 19; at the Wynn, Mr. Sanders made 6 while Mr. Biden made 3. No other prospects were declared practical at either of those two websites.

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