Nevada caucuses live updates: Sanders looks strong as votes drip in

Nevada caucuses live updates: Sanders looks strong as votes drip in

On Thursday, Reid took a seat with The Washington Post for almost an hour to speak about numerous topics, including handicapping where the race stands and what he thinks of Iowa and New Hampshire’s spot in the lineup.

Here’s what he needed to say:

PK: How did you judge Bloomberg’s performance?

HR: He didn’t do really well.

Was it a near-fatal performance?

End of the line? No, $450 million stops a line from ending.

What altered, why was she so bad in New Hampshire and so excellent in Las Vegas?

Somebody can be a really great baseball gamer, however they can have a series of bad games, that are just horrible.

What effect will Warren’s performance have on Saturday’s caucus?

The question is, Nevada, we’ve had so much early ballot, individuals have actually currently voted, we have actually had 70,000 people vote already. So I don’t understand what’s going to take place on Saturday … A lot of the vote has already taken place before individuals saw the genuine Elizabeth Warrnen.

All the polls state yes, you can’t discover one that states contrary. However comprehend Bernie Sanders– you speak about Elizabeth Warren’s project, it’s been opting for 8 or 9 months. Go through the list of people, and they’ve been campaigning for a little– he’s been campaigning for nearly a years. That’s why in Nevada, he’s effectively arranged, he’s got a lot of people here.

Should prospects start leaving now?

We need to see what takes place on Super Tuesday, due to the fact that you have California, you have Texas, Massachusetts. That’s the big kahuna right there.

What occurred to the campaigns of Kamala Harris and Cory Booker?

I am encouraged that Iowa and New Hampshire are such a bad, bad setting.

Would either of them still be in the race if Nevada or some other diverse states went?

I think Kamala Harris– a chief law officer of a state with 50 million people– she couldn’t start in Iowa. Cory Booker, tight-end for Stanford, Rhodes scholar, simply a really fantastic man. Black individual in Iowa, that’s not a good place to begin.

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