Nevada caucuses live updates: Sanders wins, Buttigieg campaign challenges some results

Nevada caucuses live updates: Sanders wins, Buttigieg campaign challenges some results

On Thursday, Reid sat down with The Washington Post for almost an hour to talk about many topics, consisting of handicapping where the race stands and what he thinks of Iowa and New Hampshire’s spot in the lineup.

Here’s what he needed to say:

PK: How did you judge Bloomberg’s performance?

HR: He didn’t do really well.

Was it a near-fatal efficiency?

End of the line? No, $450 million stops a line from ending.

What changed, why was she so bad in New Hampshire and so excellent in Las Vegas?

Somebody can be a truly good baseball player, but they can have a series of bad video games, that are simply awful.

What effect will Warren’s efficiency have on Saturday’s caucus?

The concern is, Nevada, we’ve had so much early ballot, individuals have currently voted, we’ve had 70,000 people vote currently. So I don’t understand what’s going to happen on Saturday … A great deal of the vote has currently happened prior to individuals saw the real Elizabeth Warrnen.

All the surveys say yes, you can’t discover one that states contrary.

Should candidates start leaving now?

We need to see what takes place on Super Tuesday, because you have California, you have Texas, Massachusetts. That’s the big kahuna right there.

What happened to the projects of Kamala Harris and Cory Booker?

I am persuaded that Iowa and New Hampshire are such a bad, bad setting. It is an embarassment that those 2 states set the tone for 48 states, and they shouldn’t. … 2 percent minority … I think that it’s a terrible place to start.

Would either of them still be in the race if Nevada or some other varied states went first?

I believe Kamala Harris– an attorney general of a state with 50 million individuals– she could not get started in Iowa.

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