Nolte: Survey Shows Trump Earns More than Twice as Much Trust as Media

Nolte: Survey Shows Trump Earns More than Twice as Much Trust as Media

Early Morning Consult did a substantial, thorough survey taking a look at trust, and it discovered that rely on President Trump is more than two times that of the news media.

The concern is, Do you rely on X-Brand “a lot to do the best thing.”

The media ranked a disappointing 16 out of 20, with just 8 percent stating they rely on media “a lot to do the ideal thing.”

Trump landed right in the middle of the stack in 12 th location, as 20 percent stated they trust him “a lot to do the right thing,” which more than doubles the media.

No brand had the ability to inch over 50 percent. Just one brand name hit 50, and that was “Your main doctor.”

The study was taken over a three month period at the end of in 2015 and based on 16,700 interviews of U.S. adults. It was launched previously this year.

Here are the top 5 …

  1. Your primary medical professional– 50 percent
  2. The military– 44 percent
  3. Amazon– 39 percent
  4. Google– 38 percent
  5. Extreme weather condition cautions– 36 percent

The bottom five are just as fascinating …

  1. Commercialism– 14 percent
  2. The news media– 8 percent
  3. The U.S. federal government– 7 percent
  4. Wall Street– 5 percent
  5. Hollywood– 4 percent

I likewise discovered it interesting that only 26 percent trust clinical research studies “a lot,” however why would we trust these individuals at all? Oh, only all of them

Due to the fact that no other politicians are part of the survey, there is no way to put Trump’s trust level in context.

Oh, yeah … Larry Crowne

However how delightfully ironic is it that after four years of the fake media pounding away at Trump, 4 years of the media firing fake news torpedoes at Trump, those torpedoes just ended up reversing to sink the news media …

That’s exactly what’s occurred. In their hysterical zeal to ruin Trump, the media have damaged themselves, and you can not even call it a Pyrrhic Success since there is no success.

And this is great news for America.

Oh, I understand: the proper and correct thing to say in this circumstance is, It’s bad for America when you can’t rely on the media.


The idea that we must ever trust 500 or two self-appointed elites on problems as substantial as national policy, the direction of the nation, who our leaders should be, and democracy itself is what’s “bad for America.”

Anybody with that type of power … Anyone who’s part of a cult and who follows the stringent guidelines and beliefs of that cult and is backed by billions of business dollars … Only a fool starts from a position of trust. I trust my spouse. I trust my moms and dads. I trust my neighbors. Anyone else gets the side-eye. I’m an American, not a cow.

The main reason this is great news, though, is that in their passion to overturn a lawful presidential election, the media compromised the thing they valued most: their capability to influence public opinion, to shape the result of events and elections.

Impotent white sound. That’s all the media are now.

And it’s wonderful.

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