Republican Vermont Governor Rebukes Trump, Endorses Opposition Expense Weld Ahead of ‘Super Tuesday’ Main

Republican Vermont Governor Rebukes Trump, Endorses Opposition Expense Weld Ahead of ‘Super Tuesday’ Main

In an uncommon Republican rebuke of President Donald Trump, Vermont GOP Governor Phil Scott endorsed challenger Bill Weld in the state’s upcoming March 3 main.

Scott offered his endorsement Saturday of Weld, the former Republican guv of Massachusetts, who is difficult Trump in the GOP presidential primaries, WPTZ-TV first reported After losing to Trump in the New Hampshire primary recently, Weld stated he would extend his campaign a minimum of through the March 3 “Super Tuesday” primaries that includes Vermont and 13 other states throughout the country. Scott identifies with the libertarian wing of the Republican politician Celebration together with Weld, and had actually previously recommended he may endorse a GOP main opposition to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign last year.

” Governor Weld is someone who is on the ticket, I have actually consulted with him before, I believe a lot of him and his platform so I would be supporting him,” Scott stated Saturday.

Scott’s endorsement of Weld comes just 3 ahead of the Vermont main and puts himself forth as one of the couple of state or local Republicans across the country to welcome one of Trump’s long-shot primary challengers. Former Illinois GOP Congressman Joe Walsh ended his main difficulty against Trump on February 7, and previous South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford ended his main challenge in November. Only California businessman Rocky De La Fuente has continued his obstacle along with Weld.

I’m a terrific admirer of @GovPhilScott of Vermont, and am happy to have his recommendation in the Republican presidential main on Super Tuesday. VT has been well served in the past by Republican governors, and Gov. Scott admirably extends that custom.

— Gov. Costs Weld (@GovBillWeld) February 15, 2020

The Republican Vermont governor previously hinted he would think about a governmental candidate other than Trump during a May 2019 weekly press conference. “Oh sure, yes,” Scott told reporters after being asked if he would potentially support Weld over Trump.

” I’m a terrific admirer of @ GovPhilScott of Vermont, and am pleased to have his endorsement in the Republican governmental primary on Super Tuesday.

Trump has actually sustained frustrating support among Republican main voters throughout his re-election project and has focused most of his criticism on his prospective Democratic oppositions. A University of New Hampshire poll conducted before last week’s primary in Vermont’s surrounding New England state discovered that Republican primary citizens preferred Trump over Weld by an 83 percentage points. vermont republican governor phil scott

Vermont GOP Governor Phil Scott backed opposition Expense Weld in the upcoming March 3 state main.
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