South Carolina main live updates: Biden projected to win South Carolina

South Carolina main live updates: Biden projected to win South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C.– Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Saturday made a case that her ability to raise ideas like a wealth tax has actually made her presidential campaign worthwhile, although there are few prospects for wins in the instant future.

” A year back, no one believed a wealth tax was even possible. The majority of people didn’t know what it was,” Warren informed press reporters here after speaking with volunteers at a project office. “Now we speak about it, and individuals cheer, and we see a change.”

She also reflected on how her presidential campaign links to her earlier profession as a scholastic. “This is a conclusion of a lifetime of work,” Warren said. “Rather of simply having ideas that kind of remain on the scholastic side of your home, I in fact go out to fight for a living.”

When pushed by a reporter if she can continue enjoying the project without winning, Warren stated: “I think that we are. This is winning.”

Warren hardly ever uses such introspection on the campaign trail.

Her candidacy faces a significant test on Tuesday, when 14 states, including her home state of Massachusetts, vote. Her campaign has actually argued that she is in a strong position to win a lot of delegates even if she does not win a state. Ought to she fail, it will end up being difficult to make a case for her staying in the race.

Warren was inquired about her prospects in Massachusetts, where she’s ballot about equally with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). “Massachusetts is a really progressive state and progressive concepts are popular, and I’m sure that’s why Bernie is campaigning there,” Warren stated. “I will constantly be deeply grateful to the voters of Massachusetts who have actually begun me on this path,” she said, deflecting when a reporter pushed her on whether her house state, which votes on Tuesday, is a must-win.

When asked if she may forge an alliance with Sanders, she said they have been friends for a long time. But Warren likewise stated a woman, who apparently signed a nondisclosure arrangement barring her from talking about racial discrimination while working for Sanders’s campaign and a related nonprofit, must be released from the arrangement.

The Associated Press reported that the lady signed the file as part of a deal after she was fired from her task at the not-for-profit, Our Revolution, since she complained about how she and other African Americans were treated.

She stated her views on non-disclosure agreements “to cover up females’s stories are quite clear,” including that she does not think females– or males– need to be required to honor legal arrangements to keep discrimination or harassment quiet.

Warren’s project staffers are required to sign nondisclosure contracts, however there is an exception for harassment, said Kristen Orthman, her project spokesperson, in a statement.

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