Stephen Colbert unloads Pelosi’s fiery Trump impeachment interview

Stephen Colbert unloads Pelosi’s fiery Trump impeachment interview

By Amanda Yeo

The Trump impeachment saga is still far from over, and feels as though it’s moving at a glacial pace. However as Stephen Colbert pointed out, at least we understand it’s progressing: Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Thursday morning in a slightly dramatic interview that she will ask for articles of impeachment be drafted versus President Donald Trump.

” That’s right,” said the host of The Late Program “After opening a query into the possibility of impeachment, then checking out the impeachment report and thinking about the impeachment options, we finally made it to the beginning of completion of the beginning, and we will begin the start of the middle.”

Colbert likewise discussed the current merger between CBS and Viacom, or as he calls them, “individuals that pay me.”

” The signing up with of Viacom/CBS indicates we’re gon na get great brand-new crossovers like RuPaul’s Star Trek This Morning starring Teenager Mama: New Orleans,” stated Colbert. It seems like a terrible show, however likewise exceptionally bingeable.

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