‘Too frightened to leave’: Separated protesters hold out on trashed Hong Kong school

‘Too frightened to leave’: Separated protesters hold out on trashed Hong Kong school

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Inside the significantly empty and trashed campus of a Hong Kong university just a handful of activists held out on Thursday as they desperately looked for methods to leave or hide while teams of police encircled the premises.

Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University is the last school still occupied after a week that has actually seen the most intense violence because anti-government protests intensified more than five months ago.

Demonstrators are upset at what they view as Chinese meddling in flexibilities guaranteed to Hong Kong when the former British nest went back to Chinese guideline in1997 Beijing has stated it is committed to the “one country, 2 systems” formula giving Hong Kong autonomy.

For more than a week-and-a-half, numerous protesters had actually strengthened Polytechnic University’s Kowloon peninsula campus and typically combated fiery street battles with riot police.

Today the number of protesters has actually dwindled to fewer than 100, turning the grounds that typically bristle with 33,000 trainees and personnel into a strangely empty substance scattered with debris and ruined with political mottos.

” I am by myself, all my peers have left, however I am too afraid to leave,” said Yan, a male in his 30 s who said he had actually been assisting in the canteen utilized by the protesters during the siege.

Unshaven and shoeless, Yan stated he was preventing contact with the handful of others still on the school due to the fact that he feared running into undercover cops.

He had actually been concealing in a structure for the previous two days, and when he heard the noise of Reuters journalists approaching attempted to take cover in a stationery cupboard.

” I do not dare to walk, I do not talk with individuals,” he told Reuters. “I feel frightened and powerless. I am stuck.”

Another young protester clad in makeshift body armor was patrolling the grounds armed with an axe, saying he was on the lookout for a lots undercover officers he believed had actually penetrated the school.


Hong Kong has had a brief reprieve from months of typically violent demonstrations, with relative calm throughout the city for the previous two days and nights ahead of a district council election set for Sunday. The federal government states it is keeping track of the situation to see whether the election can be held safely.

Cops stated they were dedicated to a tranquil solution and “versatile method” to ending the university stand-off, and contacted the staying protesters to leave in an orderly manner, assuring they would be guaranteed fair treatment.

Some protesters have actually given up while others were held during escape attempts that included clambering below a bridge to waiting motorcycles and fleeing through the sewage systems. More than 1,000 have been detained or registered by cops.

Much of the campus is damaged, with rooms vandalized and windows shattered, though electrical energy and water are still functioning. In a library, the majority of books were unblemished however makeshift petrol bombs were left on desks.

Some protesters told Reuters they were holding out not for a showdown with cops, but because they were innocent and trying to find an escape route.

Helmets of protesters are left in Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in Hong Kong, China November 21,2019 REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

” I will not think about giving up. Surrendering is for individuals who are guilty. None of us within are guilty,” said Michelle, a 20- year-old student.

Graffiti sprayed on school buildings checked out: “I have absolutely nothing to lose. I have no stake in society.”

One protester, dressed in black with gloves, elbow and knee pads, had about a dozen colorful lighters strapped to his chest, obviously to light petrol bombs. He informed Reuters the hold-outs were discussing what to do next.

In the previous 2 weeks, protesters have torched structures, a footbridge, public transportation stations and toll booths at the city’s Cross Harbour Tunnel linking Hong Kong island to Kowloon.

The protesters state that they are mad at the method the MTR, Hong Kong’s public rail network, has actually helped riot cops, and closing down essential infrastructure requires the federal government to listen to their demands for universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into cops violence, amongst other things.

The Cross Harbour Tunnel remained shut due to the fact that of comprehensive damage, authorities said.


China has actually accused the United States and Britain of stirring up problem in Hong Kong and slammed the U.S. Legislature for passing 2 costs targeted at supporting the protesters and sending a warning to China about human rights.

China opposed the expenses and would never ever allow anyone to undermine the “one nation, 2 systems” principle, or to ruin Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi said.

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China’s state Xinhua news agency stated a top Chinese authorities in Hong Kong, Xie Feng, had summoned the U.S. consul-general to knock the legislation as gross interference and an offense of worldwide law.

The Hong Kong federal government said the bills would hurt Hong Kong’s relations with the United States.

” The two acts will … likewise send out an incorrect signal to the violent protesters, which would not be favorable to de-escalating the situation,” the local government stated.

Anger over the U.S. legislation, which President Donald Trump is expected to sign, comes as the two countries are secured fragile trade talks.

Reporting by Donny Kwok, Clare Baldwin, Clare Jim, and Alun John; Extra reporting by Tom Lasseter; Composing by Farah Master and Josh Smith; Editing by Anne Marie Roantree, Robert Birsel, Giles Elgood and Alex Richardson

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