Virgil: ‘Mask Off’– Democrat Elites Prefer Trump to Sanders

Virgil: ‘Mask Off’– Democrat Elites Prefer Trump to Sanders

Never Trump, Meet Never Sanders

It’s a short article of faith inside the Bernie Sanders project that the Democratic facility is going to do whatever it can to stop the Vermonter from winning the Democratic nomination this year. This is what took place 4 years back throughout the primary fight, when the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was helping Hillary Clinton win the election, even as it feigned neutrality in the contest.

In reality, we might compare the Democratic facility’s anti-Sanders project to a parallel effort across the aisle– specifically, the Republican Politician facility’s anti-Donald Trump effort.

Just later on did a loud few of the dissidents– a number of them now Washington Po s t “ Republicans”– arrange themselves into the Never Trump movement that is so appreciated by the mainstream media.

This year, for Democrats, the intra-party antipathy toward Sanders is, if anything, even more powerful than it was in 2016; it’s ended up being, in effect, an Anybody However Bernie motion, or even a straight-out Never Sanders promise.

Okay, that was the Onion’ s joke, and yet in the severe world, the Democrats aren’t that desperate– at least not. Still, in Democrat-friendly outlets such as MSNBC (often called “MSDNC,” as an indication of its fealty to the celebration facility, as distinct from the insurgent left), the anti-Sanders spirit is strong.

In fact, MSNBC’s anti-Sanders tone is so strong that it’s been noticed by others on the left; thus this February 12 heading in the liberal New Republic publication, “Bernie Sanders Has an MSNBC Issue.” As the short article details, a long list of MSNBC talking heads– including Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd, Lawrence O’Donnell, and James Carville– have hammered Sanders.

At the top of that list of MSNBC hitmen is Chris Matthews. On February 7, in one of his normally purple perorations, Matthews compared Sanders to Fidel Castro, adding that if Castro had in some way handled to bring communism to America, “There would have been executions in Central Park”– and amongst the carried out would have been Matthews himself.

On the afternoon of February 22, as Sanders was winning a huge triumph in the Nevada caucuses, Matthews was back at it; he compared Sanders’ win to the German penetration of France’s Maginot Line in World War Two. At That Time, naturally, the supreme commander of the German Wehrmacht was Adolf Hitler, so in impact, Matthews was corresponding Sanders to Hitler.

Is Sanders a communist like Castro? Maybe the good thing about being a top-dog host at MSNBC is that one is never called to account for such rhetorical excesses– at least not on MSNBC air.

Matthews’ Mouth and the Establishment’s Mask

Though Matthews’ Bidenesque propensity to talk in non-sequiturs, even nonsense, is popular, there was something else he said on the 22 nd that caught many ears. Matthews showed that many Democrats may prefer to see Trump win a second term than see Sanders win a very first term.

Do they desire Bernie to take over the Democratic Celebration in eternity?

Yes, without a doubt, Matthews speaks for many affluent Democrats. As much as they dislike Trump, they see him as an external opponent: That is, Democrats know they can rally and combine their fellow Democrats by stating, just, “Orange Male Bad.”

By contrast, Matthews-type Democrats see Sanders as an internal opponent: That is, he and his socialism– or, as Matthews may put it, communism— are a risk to the great order of the existing Democratic Celebration structures, which rely heavily on funding from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and individual beneficiaries and plutocrats.

These donors are perfectly pleased with a Democratic Celebration that’s green and gay, but not one that’s red and upset. We can see: Trump joins Democrats (in opposition to Trump), whereas Sanders divides them (professional and con on Sanders).

So of course, the fatcat-funded Democratic establishmentarians fear and loathe Sanders and his soak-the-rich agenda.

Thus elite Democrats might silently reconcile themselves to the concept that they ‘d rather have four more years of Trump than risk having 4 years of Sanders– and maybe more years than that: That is, leading Democrats can deal with Trump still in the White Home. What they can’t handle is not being the top Democrats any longer, since they have actually been pushed aside by Sanders and his people.

As one pro-Sanders tweeter, Eoin Higgins, stated bluntly, “Mask off:” That is, Mathews, mouth piece of the old guard, just made the truth plain about facility Democrats’ intentions toward Sanders.

With that facility hostility in mind, it’s not so unexpected that the national “intelligence community” is now dispersing rumors about Russia’s supposed help to the Sanders project. To Trump fans, that’s a familiar refrain; given that 2016, the Deep State has been working to hinder Trump, the guy so unloved by the establishment. And n ow, it’s Sanders’ turn to get this taxpayer-funded opposition research study treatment. To be sure, Sanders hasn’t been on the receiving end, as was Trump, of FBI monitoring– a minimum of as far as we understand.

In the meantime, Sanders’ nationwide press secretary, Briahna Delight Gray, selected up on Higgins’ tweet about the establishment masks being off, including, “It appears the flooring is littered with masks these days.” Simply put, as Sanders surges into undeniable front-runner status in the wake of his Nevada triumph, lots of other prominent Democrats are likely to follow Matthews and drop their masks, too.

And who knows, possibly even Sanders could become president. To be sure, many experts believe that Sanders, strained by far-left positions, would have little possibility of winning in a basic election against Trump.

Certainly, as late as Saturday early morning, the professional pundits were recommending that even if Sanders won in Nevada, he would have a hard time reaching 40 percent of the statewide vote. And yet it now seems certain that Sanders’ percentage is going to remain in the high 40 s. In the words of Politico‘s Ryan Lizza, ” You could see the dominoes of punditry cliches falling inside the caucus spaces.”

The specialists aren’t constantly wrong; it’s not likely that we might ever see a President Sanders. And yet the only thing we know for sure is that the Democratic establishment would be just as horrified of Sanders as 46 as would be most Republicans.

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