Virgil: Richard Nixon’s Lessons on Beating Impeachment

Virgil: Richard Nixon’s Lessons on Beating Impeachment

Virgil has channeled the thinking about Richard Nixon, as he sees the current impeachment hearings.

Yes, I passed away in 1994, however I still stay up to date with the news– especially, naturally, news about impeachment.

In 1974, after I was railroaded out of the White Home by partisan Democrats, hypocritical liberals, and self-righteous press reporters, I made a vow: Never ever again let that sort of railroading occur to a Republican president. That is, I would share lessons found out about safeguarding the presidency, constantly– whether I remained in this world, or the next.

Happily, my suggestions has actually been working, both for Ronald Reagan and, now, Donald Trump.

These thoughts came to mind yet once again on December 3, when I read a boo-hoo column in the Philadelphia Inquirer, by liberal journo Will Bunch. In his piece, Lot grumbled that the Iran-Contra “scandal” of 1986–87, during Reagan’s 2nd term, did not end up the same method as Watergate– that is, the Republican president getting run out. And Lot’s further lament was that now, “Ukraine-gate” is forming up to be less like Watergate and more like Iran-Contra. That is, the Republican president endures the attack– and flourishes.

Damn right.

Iran-Contra is, in fact, a fading memory, and yet at the time it was revealed, in 1986, the Democrats believed they might do to Reagan what they did to me. Ben Bradlee, the oh-so-righteous editor of the Washington Post– hero of endless MSM shows on Watergate chortled during Iran-Contra, “I have not had this much enjoyable since Watergate.”

As the Inquirer’s Bunch remembered, “Yes, there were nationally telecasted hearings in Congress, and an aggressive district attorney who criminally charged a number of key Reagan assistants and other gamers.” To put it simply, the Dems had the whole thing cued up.

President Ronald Reagan holds up a copy of the Tower Commission report on the Iran-Contra affair, while posing for photographers after his nationally televised speech from the Oval Office in Washington, Aug. 13, 1987. Reagan said he was “mad as a hornet” about damage to his administration from the Iran-Contra affair. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

Reagan holds up a copy of the Tower Commission report on the Iran-Contra affair while posturing for professional photographers after his nationally televised speech from the Oval Office August 13,1987 Reagan said he was “mad as a hornet” about damage to his administration from the Iran-Contra affair. (Ron Edmonds/AP Photo)

Regrettably for Bunch’s scenario, the intended sequence– of the Republican president being shipped off to perdition– didn’t work out:

Reagan was safeguarded in Iran-Contra by a solid GOP wall led by a Wyoming Republican politician named Cock Cheney, who insisted “There was no constitutional crisis, no systematic disrespect for ‘the guideline of law,’ no grand conspiracy, and no Administration-wide dishonesty or conceal.”

I may include that Cheney got his start in politics working for me in the White House. He found out a lot; he’s an excellent guy.

In the meantime, poor Will Bunch is having an unfortunate. Even now, three decades later, he’s unhappy that Cheney helped stoke the Republican politician “tribalism” that kicked in and saved the Gipper.

And it’s meant, of course, as a pejorative (one day the Politically Correct Police will step and require that a various word than tribalism be used, but that language-purge hasn’t took place yet).

Meanwhile, when Democrats stick, it’s called “loyalty” and “doing the right thing.”

In truth, Pat was working as the 40 th president’s interactions director when Iran-Contra broke. For a couple months there, in November and December 1986, the Reagan administration was reeling, and the Gipper’s approval score was plummeting.

So at midday on Monday, January 5, 1987, Buchanan took matters into his own hands. Disregarding Reagan’s orders to keep a low profile, Buchanan strode across Pennsylvania Opportunity to stand before conservative activists in Lafayette Park and state, “The left is not after the reality, it wants the president!” Glaring at the press reporters covering the event, Pat included, “You will not bring this president down!”

White House Communications Director Patrick Buchanan speaks at a rally, Monday, Jan. 5, 1987 in Lafayette Park, Washington across from the White House, in support of President Reagan against critics of the Iran-Contra affair. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

Pat Buchanan speaks at a rally, Monday, Janurary 5, 1987, in Lafayette Park, Washington, across from the White House, in support of Reagan versus critics of the Iran-Contra affair. (Dennis Cook/AP Image)

Buchanan’s speech clarified the matter for Republicans: It’s time to combat.

And while North was polite, he was so earnest and effective in his reactions to questions that he smoked all those Democrat jackals. Thus did Ollie North end up being a national hero, and deservedly so.

As an outcome, Bunch lamented in his column, “There was never any major appetite for impeaching the Gipper.” Sad!

In reality, the Democrats’ Get-Reagan effort failed so badly that not only did Reagan’s appeal rebound, however the Gipper’s vice president, George H.W. Bush, won the 1988 governmental election in a landslide.( Bush, too, had worked for me in different capabilities, as ambassador to the United Nations, and as chairman of the Republican politician National Committee.)

So we can see: The Iran-Contra “scandal” didn’t work out at all as the Democrats had actually planned. Thus the Inquirer’s Lot was crying tears for both reporters and the Democrats when he composed this month, “Some 32 years later on, the square peg of Trump’s impeachment will not fit into the round hole of Watergate, and possibly that’s due to the fact that the GOP is running the Iran-Contra playbook of enormous resistance.”

What Bunch calls “massive resistance,” I call clever politics.

Do not let ’em kid you. Yes, of course, the Democrats said that I committed high criminal offenses and misdemeanors throughout Watergate, but as my fan Victor Lasky pointed out in a great book from 1977, It Didn’t Start With Watergate.

Yet even I had not recognized the complete depths of the Democrats’ trickery until I check out a 2015 book by Geoff Shepard, yet another alum of my White House. After years of combing through archives and reading court records, Geoff released The Real Watergate Scandal: Collusion, Conspiracy, and the Plot that Brought Nixon Down, in which he recorded that the Watergate investigation was merely a Democrat plot, concocted by Kennedy followers, all with the goal of choosing Teddy Kennedy president in1976

It didn’t work out for Teddy, obviously– drowning that female, Mary Jo Kopechne, proved to be more of an unfavorable than they understood– and yet Team Kennedy did all they could. Eliminating me was the one part of the strategy that they did handle to achieve.

Okay, so now to Trump and impeachment. The Democrats hoped that they might restore the Watergate playbook and impeach and found guilty Trump, just as they began to impeach me, although I resigned.

And yet as that lib Lot recalled in his mopey column, by the time of Iran-Contra, a decade later, Republicans had actually discovered: they were arranged, and they stuck together and combated as a group.

And that’s why Reagan fulfilled a different fate than I did. And it looks like a sure thing that Trump, too, will pull through.

Five Takeaways

So now here are five lessons to be born in mind as this Trump thing plays itself out, along with for the next time that the Democrats attempt a political coup d’etat Take it from me, Dick Nixon– who was on the national ticket for four wining elections, from the ’50 s to the ’70 s– that this is the method to do it:

Back on November 10, my friend Virgil wrote that if Republicans remain unified, they’ll be fine in this untidy procedure, and so will Trump.

Second, fight, fight, battle. Republican stalwarts, consisting of Reps. Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, and Doug Collins, have actually fought the Democrats over whatever, pointing out Democrat hypocrisy– and it’s worked.

For example, throughout your home Judiciary Committee hearings, Republicans installed an indication on an easel estimating Nancy Pelosi from previously this year: “Impeachment is so dissentious to the nation that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should decrease that course, since it divides the country.”

What changed, Nancy? Response: pressure from Trump-haters. But acquiescing pressure from insane activists is not a great aim to put prior to the country.

Third, await the Democrats to be stupid. It’s tough to think that the Democrats would showcase three Trump-hating liberal law professors to lead off your house Judiciary Committee session– but that’s exactly what they did! 3 stereotyped embodiments of whatever most people in the nation despise: a trio of snooty and snobby academics, the types who give money to, and most likely assist prosecute for, the American Civil Liberties Union.

Rep. Lee Zeldin tweeted, with optimum snark, Congrats to the teachers who won the Dems’ across the country talent search for the most elitist, unhinged anti-Trump professors in America. These crises based on triggered emotions.”

In fact, those 3 libs were easily countered by Jonathan Turley; Turley is no conservative, and yet his commonsense take on impeachment, even though surpassed, won.

WASHINGTON, DC – DECEMBER 4: Constitutional scholars Noah Feldman of Harvard University, Pamela Karlan of Stanford University, Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina, and Jonathan Turley of George Washington University are sworn in to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in the Longworth House Office Building on Capitol Hill December 4, 2019 in Washington, DC. This is the first hearing held by the Judiciary Committee in the impeachment inquiry against U.S. President Donald Trump, whom House Democrats say held back military aid for Ukraine while demanding it investigate his political rivals. The Judiciary Committee will decide whether to draft official articles of impeachment against President Trump to be voted on by the full House of Representatives. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Noah Feldman of Harvard University, Pamela Karlan of Stanford University, Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina, and Jonathan Turley of George Washington University are sworn in to affirm prior to your house Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill December 4, 2019, in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The longer the Democrats take to make their case– they are, after all, the party of law professors, who like to hear themselves talk, and of attorneys, who get paid by the hour– the much better for the GOP. In truth, the early ballot numbers reveal that the Dems are digging themselves into an ever much deeper hole.

In the warning words of Democrat presidential prospect Andrew Yang, “I’m pro-impeachment, however this is going to be a loser.” Naturally, a couple of nervous Democrats have been talking about censure, instead of impeachment, as a kind of off-ramp for threatened House Democrats. And yet just on December 5, Nancy Pelosi shut that down Indeed she went even further, stating, “Civilization as we know it today is at stake in the next election, and definitely, our planet.” Wow!

So for the Dems, it’s impeachment or bust. To which I state, a busting can be set up!

Fifth, constantly, always, call out the media. Reporters, of course, were always my enemy. Back in 1969, I released my vice president, Spiro Agnew, on these worms; I still chuckle when I think about Spiro zinging them as “an effete corps of impudent snobs,” and as ” nattering nabobs of negativism”– and all the other alliterative attacks he hurled at them.( Pat Buchanan, a fantastic wordsmith, in addition to an excellent fighter, was an essential part of this rhetorical effort.)

Such press-bashing helped me win a giant landslide re-election in 1972, although, naturally, I was gone less than 2 years later on. Oh well.

But today, Trump, he gets it. He pursues ’em–” opponent of the people,” and all that.

In the meantime, a crucial tactic is the counter-punch. That is, let them throw their punch, parry it– and then punch back. Trump is a master.

Happily, reporters keep punching so that Trump can keep counter-punching. Certainly, journos punch in manner ins which are so cartoonish as to make it obvious, even to the dull, that they working hand-in-boxing-glove with the Democrats.

Her big idea was that TELEVISION press reporters ought to make their “news” segments look like film trailers– that is, like propaganda reels for the impeachers. Nothing subtle there– talk about owning her own predisposition and hatred.

Meanwhile, one of those TELEVISION reporters Sullivan was trying to reach, NBC News’s Katy Tur, signaled her approval of the column: “Wall-to-wall impeachment coverage is not altering any minds,” Tur tweeted. “Here’s how reporters can reach the unsure.” Shameless! Sullivan, and Tur, might as well be on the Democrats’ payroll– or should it be the other way around? In any case, Republicans require to keep saying, t his impeachment train is a locomotive with two engineers: the Dems and the MSM

The Democrats pushed me out of office over Watergate– that is, for apparently trying to manipulate the 1972 election– when, as Geoff Shepard showed, it was they who were attempting to manipulate the 1976 election.

Then, in the following decade, Democrats tried to press Reagan out and trash Republican potential customers in the 1988 election. And yet that effort boomeranged so severely that they discovered themselves flummoxed in ’88, as another Republican president took workplace.

Trump is still no cinch for re-election, however it’s apparent that this impeachment company has actually been a diversion from Democrat efforts to unseat him.

So even if Reagan and Trump– with my aid from the shadows– have actually shown that it’s possible to beat them back, the libs still have me to kick around.

However that’s okay, I’m utilized to it.

It’s unfair, it’s not right– however hey, what should I expect? It’s the Democrats and the media, working together, as always, to knife Republicans.

However we can beat them. Make that, we are beating them.

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