Weapons in the gym: The NRA’s charity arm raffles off weapons in American schools

Weapons in the gym: The NRA’s charity arm raffles off weapons in American schools

Beth Reinhard on why the NRA is raffling off weapons in American schools. Jason Rezaian takes a look at Iran’s history of hostage-taking. And Joel Achenbach considers the unpredictable fate of the universe.

Auctioning off weapons in American schools

Fundraising occasions put on by Friends of NRA netted more than $33 million for the National Rifle Association in 2015. The company showed and raffled off weapons at these events– including one in a Kentucky school near a site of weapon violence.

Now, pockets of resistance to Friends of NRA are appearing throughout the country as mass shootings are becoming more regular and more deadly. And although NRA authorities say only a small fraction of these events are held in schools, challengers have actually pressed all sort of other places to stop hosting these charity events that support shooting sports.

A moms and dad from one school that hosted a fundraiser connected to press reporter Beth Reinhard, who’s been covering the internal issues of the NRA and current claims of misspending by its leading management.

” They held this fundraising event at the high school in 2015, and there were guns in the health club,” Reinhard states. “Weapons on screen in the health club– real guns all over the bleachers that people could bid on. They were being raffled off to raise money for Friends of NRA.”

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A brand-new type of hostage crisis, 40 years later on

Forty years after Iranian trainees took 52 American diplomats captive at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran holds more than a dozen dual and foreign nationals in jail under the guise of national security.

Countries such as the United States often refer to these captives as “consular cases,” providing authenticity to their capture. However Post columnist Jason Rezaian, who invested 18 months locked up on espionage charges in Iran, states these charges are usually fake.

” The regime doesn’t think about these individuals as risks,” Rezaian says. “They believe of them as bargaining chips they can utilize later on in negotiations with world powers.”

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‘ It’s a big offer! It’s the universe!’

Deep space is unimaginably huge, and it keeps getting bigger. However astrophysicists can’t settle on how quickly it’s growing– and the more they study the concern, the more they disagree.

Some researchers call this a “crisis” in cosmology. Others, “the Hubble Consistent tension.”

” It looked like the scientific neighborhood was creating a firm number,” says science reporter Joel Achenbach “But quotes by various techniques didn’t converge.”

Some theorists believe that could indicate that “brand-new physics” is on the horizon.

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