Catholic League Highlights Kamala Harris’s ‘Catholic Issue’

Catholic League Highlights Kamala Harris’s ‘Catholic Issue’

Catholic League President Bill Donohue alerted of Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) ‘Catholic issue’ in an essay today, insisting that Biden’s running mate will have a difficult time winning over Catholic voters due to her “positions on a variety of ethical issues.”

As a radical supporter of abortion rights, Harris has pushed away pro-life citizens, but she has actually gone even more still, tainting herself “with the brush of anti-Catholicism,” Dr. Donohue states

” In 2018, she looked for to stop a Trump nominee for a seat on the federal bench simply because he was Catholic,” Donohue notes. “In doing so, she invoked a spiritual test for the bench, a patently unconstitutional act.”

As Michael Gerson echoes in an op-ed Friday in the Washington Post, Harris presented a series of “unsuitable concerns” to federal district court candidate Brian Buescher, suggesting that “belonging to the Knights of Columbus– a nearly 2 million-member Catholic social and charitable organization– was disqualifying for the federal bench.”

” Harris was successfully treating subscription in a definitely Catholic organization as if it were loyalty to a hate group,” Gerson composes.

As Donohue notes, Harris’s mentioned objection to the Knights of Columbus stemmed from its unapologetic pro-life position. “Simply put, her genuine target was the Catholic Church,” he specifies.

Harris likewise “bludgeoned” pro-life activist David Daleiden for his undercover videos demonstrating how abortion operatives harvest and offer aborted fetal organs,” Donohue added, firmly insisting that there ought to be no constraints whatsoever on abortion.

” She is so pro-abortion that in 2015, in her capability as California’s Chief law officer, she looked for to maim crisis pregnancy centers with heavy-handed regulations,” Donohue composes. “She was taken legal action against and lost in the Supreme Court three years later on.”

In addition to her wild pro-abortion activism, Harris has likewise worked hard to curb religious flexibility, co-sponsoring “The Equality Act,” which would efficiently “gut Catholic hospitals,” he includes.

Harris is likewise a singing fan of same-sex marriage and transgender rights, arguing that biological males who believe they are ladies ought to be permitted to contend in sports versus real girls, he states.

While Harris’s own stepchildren attended an elite private school in Los Angeles, she has strongly opposed school choice, which would provide impoverished kids the very same chance.

Oddly, Harris said last year that she believed those who implicated Biden of sexual attack, which would lead not just Catholics but all ideal thinking people to question why she has actually picked to hitch her wagon to a male she thinks to be a sexual predator, Donohue quips.

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