Chatbot for Messenger: How to create it?

Nowadays, the chatbot is one of the artificial intelligences that allow a company to chat with visitors or customers in their absence. Very efficient, these little robots reduce huge tasks within a company. The good news is that you can create this robot yourself. If you want to try it, please follow the steps in this article.

Connect your Facebook page to Bot's Choice

The first step to creating a Messenger bot is to go to the Chatfuel platform. For more, click on this link. To get started on the site, you must click on get started for free and then choose the page on which you will install your Messenger bot. This step will allow you to link your Facebook page to the bot you are thinking of creating.
The platform will present you with several templates of the bot you wish to create. These types of templates are well noted and are adapted to each well-defined sector. With this shortcut, you can set up the Messenger bot in no time. You can start by creating your bot by clicking on Blank Bot and then on Connect.

Move on to creating the bot message

The next step after creating the bot is to create the automated message. Note that chatfuel is an English platform. Without doubt, the messages that are present will be in English. Your task will be to rewrite the welcome message that your customers will see. As the questions are being created, you must at the same time give the answers. In a way, the questions your bot will answer are pre-programmed.
You will have to follow three steps to do this. The build is the part that will allow you to list the basic messages you can choose from. If these messages do not suit you, please create your own followed by their responses.
The second step is broadcasting, which will allow you to pre-configure the common notifications your bot will receive from customers. When you finish, test your bot.