Some tips to make your SEO services optimal

The most important thing for a company is its image. This is what the prospect retains. For this reason, some companies opt for external management of their brand image. Thus, they employ web agencies to make their product known and build customer loyalty.

The world of SEO

We all know that every day thousands of questions are asked to search engines on the Internet. But most importantly, only the first two pages (and even then!) are actually viewed by the user.

So, the challenge for any marketer is to see this site that they manage gets a high ranking in the search engine results. So the first (and most useful) piece of advice is to combine the types of SEO into one effective strategy.

In other words, take natural SEO, SEM and SEA and make the best of them to achieve a marketing strategy that suits your vision.

SEO strategies

Before you can decide on your digital strategy, you must first understand the concept of each type of SEO. Know the advantages and disadvantages of each.

- Natural SEO

If a word has to describe it, it's free. However, opting for natural SEO means knowing your target company very deeply and correctly. Here, your strategy is based on words that are common and that would define very concretely the offer that the target company proposes.

Thus, when an Internet user types in a question related to the offer. Google immediately presents him with a selection of links to your sites.

- SEA referencing

In contrast to the first type, where the results are seen over time and after enormous efforts, this type of referencing is the possibility of buying advertising space with Google Ads. While it is certain that the boost to your site is automatic, you will need SEO or SEM to maintain these visits.

- SEM referencing

Much more used by community managers, it is based on the use of social networks to reach a given audience.