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Trump states “don’t be afraid of COVID” as U.S. deaths leading 210,000

Trump states “don’t be afraid of COVID” as U.S. deaths leading 210,000

Washington– President Trump tried to downplay the intensity of COVID-19 on Monday as he prepared to leave Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, tweeting Americans need not “hesitate of COVID.” At almost the same time, the across the country death toll surpassed 210,000, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University

“Do not be afraid of Covid. We have actually developed, under the Trump Administration, some actually excellent drugs & knowledge.

Don’t be scared of Covid. We have established, under the Trump Administration, some actually great drugs & knowledge.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 5, 2020

Later On, after he was discharged Monday night, he posted a video on Twitter with a similar message about COVID-19

” One thing that’s for specific: Do not let it control you,” he said of the illness. “Do not be afraid of it. You’re going to beat it. We have the very best medical equipment, we have the very best medications, all established just recently. And you’re going to beat it.”

Mr. Trump was confessed to the medical facility Friday evening, less than 24 hours after he announced that he and very first woman Melania Trump evaluated favorable for COVID-19

Mr. Trump’s medical group said Monday he continues on the dexamethasone and has been offered three doses of remdesivir.

While the coronavirus spread throughout the U.S. in the spring and into the summer season– and the death toll continued to increase– Mr. Trump has consistently tried to play down the intensity of COVID-19, even telling journalist Bob Woodward he intentionally minimized the hazard of the coronavirus to prevent prompting panic amongst the American people.

Reckoning with the NFL’s looming Covid surge as a fan

Reckoning with the NFL’s looming Covid surge as a fan

It was tough to delight in the NFL this weekend. More difficult than most. Not due to the fact that the action was bad, in fact, it was one of the wilder weekends in recent memory. My absence of pleasure stemmed from understanding the league is using obtained time. The Covid pandemic has really struck the NFL, and it’s souring the capability to immerse yourself in the action as a fan because we just don’t understand what will occur next.

Every one of us has actually handled the pain of this pandemic to varying degrees. The solitude, the fear, the sensations of seclusion. These are the symptoms if you’re lucky. For numerous thousands of Americans, Covid has actually implied illness, grief, and even death. We wanted to think this would all be over 6 months back. The hope was that we ‘d have a vaccine by now, a clear way to move past lockdowns and social distancing– not huge spikes in infections, the president in hospital, and the awareness this isn’t improving at any time soon.

The NFL prides itself on being untouchable. That is now in tatters. The break out inside the Tennessee Titans is clearly not in isolation, with Chiefs gamers, and Camera Newton contaminated as well It’s not a lot a concern of if but when more teams will suffer more infections– and there’s still no real answers from the league on how it prepares to proceed if this takes place. One would expect some sort of unified reaction. Discussions on whether the season will be shortened, or held off, but no. Rather we’ll wait to see the number of more players test positive today, and what intricate scheduling dance the NFL does to keep this leaking barge afloat for at least another week.

This is all frightening.

To this end, yes, NFL gamers are some of the least-likely people to pass away from it. More requirements to be said about the long term, possibly life-altering conditions that come from just contracting the virus.

There’s still so much we do not understand about the infection that there’s legitimate concern that lungs damaged by the health problem might never ever completely recover

So, what the hell are we doing?

The NFL is continuing on as if cases among its gamers are merely unfortunate. Separate the sick, ship the healthy ones off to the next city, and continue going. It underscores the supremely non reusable nature with which the league treats its athletes. We’ve yet to hear any excellent factors for not stepping away from football to reassess the situation, and return again after a break with new procedures to safeguard gamers. This is in the middle of what’s rapidly showing to be a major, significant issue. It isn’t simply that the Titans might have overlooked league protocols, since it’s extending beyond that. There is no way to keep players safe, we already knew that– but it’s ending up being significantly obvious there’s no genuine plan to keep them protected either, a minimum of not one that includes stopping football beyond postponing a video game for a day or 2.

Players themselves will echo this thought, highlighting their sacrificial nature in order to play the sport. ACL tears, concussions, damaged bones– these are the elements of the game that players understand when they step on the field. Getting breathed on by an opposing player and contracting a virus which may permanently impact them, their families, and anyone who comes in contact with them is not exactly the very same thing.

We need to require more responses from the NFL. We have to press the league to provide an upgraded declaration on its Covid policy, and how the league plans to react must these break outs extend further. Naturally these discussions are happening behind closed doors, but anyone who supports the league has actually earned the right to know the plan to keep gamers safe, and better comprehend when the rip cord will be pulled to protect gamers beyond the little steps which are presently in place, and presently failing.

We’ll hope that infected players don’t spread out the infection even more amongst their families and neighborhoods before knowing they even contracted the virus. That hope is all we have left, due to the fact that it sure feels like the NFL doesn’t have a plan.

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Covid: Welsh quarantine considered for UK coronavirus hotspots

Covid: Welsh quarantine considered for UK coronavirus hotspots


media caption Wales’ Health Minister Vaughan Gething on the latest Covid measures in Wales

Individuals taking a trip to Wales from Covid hotspots somewhere else in the UK could deal with quarantine under procedures being considered by the Welsh Federal government.

Health Minister Vaughan Gething said he was taking a look at how powers might be utilized to secure areas with lower cases.

It comes after the prime minister rejected calls from Welsh ministers for a travel restriction

Currently people in lockdown locations in England can go on vacation in parts of Wales not subject to restrictions.

It is illegal for individuals to leave or get in lockdown counties Wales except for a limited set of reasons, like work or education.

However a comparable law does not exist for areas under regional limitations in England.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated the Westminster federal government felt it was more “suitable” to put “travel constraints in assistance rather than in law”.

Mr Gething stated if some English areas were nations Wales “would have quarantine guidelines for them”.

But he stated there was “no great reason” to avoid somebody from a low incidence area like Devon from taking a trip to Pembrokeshire.

” We’re having to think about how we utilize our powers to protect lower-prevalence areas of Wales but at the very same time, we do not want to take a whole-nation technique,” Mr Gething stated.

media caption Prime Minister Boris Johnson states individuals must use their sound judgment when travelling around the UK.

First Minister Mark Drakeford had actually composed to Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently, requesting for travel limitations to prevent people visiting Wales from locations under lockdown in England.

However Mr Johnson told BBC Wales: “We are all one nation, people need to exercise their good sense.”

Mr Gething said it was “disappointing” Mr Johnson did not react to the letter.

He included that if individuals travelled from a location like Liverpool there was a danger of “spreading out events”.

‘ Remarkable action’

The Conservative health representative in the Senedd, Andrew RT Davies, stated taking in quarantine constraints for people travelling to Wales from Covid hotspots in England was a “hazardous slope” for the Welsh Federal government to go down.

” If you start introducing such quarantine limitations in Wales does that mean then there’s a quid pro-quo that England, Scotland and Northern Ireland will begin doing the very same for Welsh homeowners?

” There are all sorts of concerns to be answered before you even amuse carrying out such remarkable action.”

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price stated he had required procedures to limit travel with Mark Drakeford for “two weeks running”.

” At a time when we require to act quicker and smarter to get rid of the virus, it’s regrettable that it took the UK federal government’s irresponsible dismissal of travel limitations to bounce the Welsh Federal government into action,” he said.

image copyright Getty Images

image caption Could visitors to Wales face quarantine when they get here?

How are the limitations various?

In Wales it is unlawful to get in or leave the 15 locked-down council locations, and the town of Llanelli, without a “sensible excuse”. That can consist of:

  • For work, if you can not work from house
  • For education
  • To look for medical support
  • To supply or get emergency situation help
  • To satisfy a legal obligation, and to gain access to or get public services

Travelling through the areas is legal, but breaches can be punished with fines, with a repaired charge notice of ₤60 for a first offence.

There is no comparable legal restriction in England, although people in areas like Merseyside, Halton and Warrington have been asked to prevent non-essential travel.

image copyright Getty Images

image caption The method lockdown restrictions work varies between England and Wales

‘ Big disruption’

In the Commons the Labour MP for Swansea West, Geraint Davies, asked Mr Hancock if people taking a trip from England needs to quarantine when getting here in Wales.

Mr Hancock stated in response: “The primary transmission of the illness is in between households and in between households mixing with each other”.

” And the method that we’ve taken thus far in England since we came out of the initial complete blown lockdown has been to put travel constraints in assistance, instead of in law, due to the fact that we felt that’s the most suitable thing to do.

” I understand that’s not the method that they’re taking in Wales, however that’s how we are currently managing it in England”.

James Davies, Conservative Vale of Clwyd MP, stated the travel constraints in north Wales have caused “substantial disruption” to half a million individuals.

Mr Davies said individuals had not been allowed to cross “frequently meaningless county council boundaries.”

The health secretary added that he had shared proposals for a “simplified” method to regional lockdowns with the degenerated federal governments.

The UK government is comprehended to be planning a new three-tier approach to local coronavirus constraints in England.

Mr Hancock said he had talked about these plans with Mr Gething which it would “simplify even more if it were undertaken throughout the UK.”

What has the UK government stated?

A UK government Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “We work carefully with regional leaders and public health teams to notify choices on local interventions, taking into account a series of elements.”

Public Health England, the Joint Biosecurity Centre and NHS Test and Trace “are constantly monitoring the levels of infection across the country,” the spokesperson included.

” We go over steps with local directors of public health and local authorities, constantly reviewing the evidence and we will take swift targeted action where necessary.”

Data problem ‘does not affect Wales’

An information glitch that has postponed test lead to England has not impacted Wales, an authorities has actually stated.

Giri Shankar, event director at Public Health Wales, said: “Initial findings from a Department of Health and Social Care analysis have actually indicated that this concern has not affected Wales, either in regards to information reporting, or in terms of contact tracing under Test, Trace, Protect.

We continue to remain in close contact with the DHSC about this,” he stated.

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COVID fatigue impacting current behaviours, says psychologist

COVID fatigue impacting current behaviours, says psychologist

COVID fatigue could be playing a role in some people’s decisions, potentially impacting rising numbers.

Author of the article:

Heather Polischuk

Publishing date:

Oct 05, 2020  •   •  3 minute read

REGINA, SASK : March 12, 2020  -- Gordon Asmundson, a psychology professor at the University of Regina, sits in his office at the university in Regina, Saskatchewan on Mar. 12, 2020. Asmundson has been researching the anxiety and fear around COVID-19. BRANDON HARDER/ Regina Leader-Post
Gordon Asmundson, a psychology professor at the University of Regina, sits in his office at the university in Regina, Saskatchewan on Mar. 12, 2020. Asmundson has been researching the anxiety and fear around COVID-19. Photo by BRANDON HARDER /Regina Leader-Post

Article content

Since March, Canadians have been asked to live their lives differently.

Very differently.

Refraining from large gatherings, wearing masks, staying six feet away from others, maintaining small social bubbles — these are the things medical science has told the public to do to avoid overwhelming the health care system.

But in parts of Canada, the curve is no longer so flat. Even in Saskatchewan, where we’ve largely avoided, to date, some of the more significant spikes, behaviours by some — such as a large party in Saskatoon — have led to increased numbers.

To Gordon Asmundson, a clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Regina who has been studying the impacts of COVID-19, these types of behaviours might be explained in a variety of ways.

“It does appear that our population, possibly because we’ve been doing well, are a little bit more relaxed than other places,” he said.

Asmundson said while some people wear masks, it’s not unusual to see others not — which might partially have to do with the fact mask use isn’t mandated here.

“While we’re told that all of these behaviours like washing our hands, keeping our distance, wearing masks are necessary behaviours to mitigate viral spread — and they certainly are — because the threat isn’t right in our faces, some people may be lax with respect to the way they’re implementing those recommendations,” he said.

Asmundson said another possible reason for seemingly lax behaviours on some people’s part is fatigue.

“People are getting tired and frustrated with those changes to their daily living,” he said.

He added some changes — such as wearing masks in public, frequent hand-washing or remembering to walk the right direction down the grocery store aisle — aren’t routine yet, and so feel like an added effort.

“All of those things add to what our daily responsibilities are and it can get exhausting over time — and it can be even more so when we see others not doing it when we’re trying to do it,” he said.

He said it’s important to remember there might be some who have simply forgotten rather than that they’re flaunting public health recommendations.

COVID fatigue is a real problem, Asmundson said. Not only are people having to change their daily lives in significant ways but they’re constantly surrounded by news or social media posts about COVID-19 and they’re faced with uncertainty and worries about themselves and the people they care about as they see rising numbers of cases.

“People are just tired,” he said.

Article content continued

While it’s important to follow public health recommendations and orders, Asmundson said people should also ensure they’re looking after their mental health by doing things like exercising, seeing people inside our social bubbles or connecting online and sometimes just shutting off the news and social media to give yourself a break. If you need a little extra help, there are mental health programs available online — such as Anxiety Canada’s MindShift CBT.

One other crucial step he suggested is to work on making public health recommendations routine. In making mask-wearing, hand-washing and social distancing a regular part of daily life — like putting on a seatbelt, for instance — they are no longer so stress-inducing.

Asmundson said it’s important people find a way to live within this current reality.

“We knew this wasn’t going to be a sprint,” he said. “We knew it was probably going to be a marathon. But it’s more than a marathon now. This is like an ultra-marathon.”



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Alex Gibney’s surprise documentary, Totally Under Control, information America’s disastrous COVID reaction

Alex Gibney’s surprise documentary, Totally Under Control, information America’s disastrous COVID reaction


Published by Sarah

on ” / Date(1601916806590) /”

In United States elections, there’s a thing called the “October surprise”, which is when a prospect takes out some info as a last minute battle axe to wield versus their opponent. It was clear a couple weeks ago that Trump was aiming to have a miracle vaccine in October as his surprise to finest Joe Biden– he hath offered us a wonder cure!– now the October surprise is that Trump has the damn infection himself. All of this renders Alex Gibney’s new documentary about the US federal government’s response to COVID-19 a workout in super-irony, as clips of Trump minimizing the dispersing epidemic previously this year now seem like scenes from a scary film of that one fool who insists on entering into the clearly haunted basement.

Called Completely Under Control, Gibney worked with directors Ophelia Harutyunyan and Suzanne Hillinger to produce the documentary detailing America’s (disastrous) COVID response. They state they made it “in secret”, the first acknowledgment of this film’s existence came in mid-September when Neon obtained it for distribution. It certainly looks damning, with many tight-lipped doctors and authorities speaking about our failed reaction to the pandemic. I’m simply not sure it matters. At this moment, there are 2 camps of people: those who think the pandemic is real and Trump botched the response, and those who believe it’s fine to let hundreds of thousands of individuals die as long as they are not personally inconvenienced by it. The former may feel a sense of “Ha! I UNDERSTOOD it!” satisfaction from Completely Under Control, the latter group will never ever be relocated to think about the health and wellness of others. While I think it’s amazing Gibney and his collaborators had the ability to pull this together, and it may be an essential artifact for the record, I simply don’t think it’s going to have any real-world impact. I don’t think anything will. 2 hundred and 9 thousand – 209,000 – Americans are dead. If that does not move individuals to take this seriously, nothing will.

Completely Under Control will be readily available as needed from October 13, and streaming on Hulu from October 20.

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