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Kelly Ripa reacts to reaction after stating that her oldest kid is experiencing ‘extreme poverty’ because leaving

Kelly Ripa reacts to reaction after stating that her oldest kid is experiencing ‘extreme poverty’ because leaving
  • Kelly Ripa faced criticism after saying on ABC’s ” Jimmy Kimmel Live” that her 22- year-old son, Michael Consuelos, vacated the family’s house and was experiencing “extreme hardship.”
  • On Instagram, the talk-show host reacted to a person who asked whether Consuelos was still in school or ever had a task.
  • Ripa stated Consuelos remained in his senior year of college and “works full time.”
  • Ripa, who has three kids with her other half, Mark Consuelos, added: “We work and we anticipate our kids to as well.”
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Kelly Ripa reacted to backlash after saying that her boy Michael Consuelos was experiencing “extreme poverty” given that vacating the family’s house.

” Michael goes to college and is a senior and works full time,” Ripa composed on Instagram in action to a user who talked about a recent picture of her and Consuelos, a 22- year-old student at New york city University, asking whether he was still in school or ever had a job.

” He is in his first non parent subsidized apt with roomies,” Ripa continued. “I’m utilized to getting a lot of slack because individuals enjoy to have phony outrage over something they didn’t see. They only read a heading and wag their tired fingers.”

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Ripa went on to state that she and her partner, Mark Consuelos, who she satisfied on the set of the daytime drama “All My Children,” “didn’t grow up privileged.”

” We work and we anticipate our kids to as well,” she stated, describing Michael; Lola, her child; and Joaquin, her youngest child. “And the reality that a pack of fools want to b– about that, I say let em.”

The “Live with Kelly and Ryan” cohost drew criticism after speaking about Michael’s monetary problems throughout an appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday.

” I think he loves the liberty, he hates paying his own rent, and he is chronically bad,” Ripa stated. “I do not think he ever actually skilled extreme poverty like now.”

She included: “He’s experiencing being an adult.”

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Kelly Ripa states her oldest child vacated and is experiencing ‘extreme hardship’ for the very first time

Kelly Ripa states her oldest child vacated and is experiencing ‘extreme hardship’ for the very first time

Kelly Ripa stated that her and Mark Consuelos’ earliest kid moved out of their house and was experiencing financial difficulties.

” I think he likes the freedom, he hates paying his own rent, and he is chronically poor,” Ripa stated of her 22- year-old child, Michael Consuelos, on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday. “I don’t think he ever truly knowledgeable extreme hardship like now.”

” Of course, when would he have?” Kimmel responded.

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Michael lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and is a trainee at New York University. ” Riverdale” fans will also remember that he appeared as a younger variation of Mark’s character, Hiram Lodge, throughout a flashback episode from season three.

Ripa told Kimmel that every Halloween, her moms and dads give her kids– Michael, Lola, and Joaquin Consuelos– envelopes with $20 each, which “for years, my kids sort of neglected the $20”

But since Michael moved out of his moms and dads’ house, he has a higher gratitude for the money.

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” Now that he’s surviving on his own, he’s called, like, three times: ‘Halloween envelope show up?’ Due to the fact that he needs to take the train to get his Halloween envelope, so he can have electricity,” the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” cohost stated.

Ripa added: “He’s experiencing being an adult.”

See the video listed below (Ripa speak about her child at the start of the interview):

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Is Kelly Ripa a Good Mom?

Is Kelly Ripa a Good Mom?

Kelly Ripa has been a fixture on television for almost 30 years now. She was known for playing Hayley Vaughan on All My Children in the 1990s before becoming one of the most famous talk show hosts in the 2000s.

These days, Ripa’s career is still going strong and she is a co-host on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Fans of Ripa are most likely aware that she is also a mom at home since she has talked about her family life a lot throughout the years. However, many onlookers might be wondering about what Ripa is like as a mother. How does she raise her children with a busy career? Is she a good mom?

Kelly Ripa has three children

Kelly Ripa arrives at the Los Angeles LGBT Center's 49th Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards.
Kelly Ripa | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Los Angeles LGBT Center

Ripa married her All My Children co-star Mark Consuelos in 1996. The couple is still married and they have three children together: Michael (b. 1997), Lola (b. 2001), and Joaquin (b. 2003).

Ripa and Consuelos’ two older kids are definitely grown up now and are establishing themselves in the real world. Michael has been getting into acting and even landed a role in Riverdale as his father’s character’s son. Meanwhile, Lola recently graduated high school and is now attending New York University.

Kelly Ripa has very strict rules for her children

Although it’s clear that her adult kids have more independence now, back when they used to live with their parents, Ripa was clear about keeping them in line with strict rules.

For example, Ripa herself often tries to stay fit and eat healthy food, so she made sure to teach her kids the same habits. She once shared with Shape that her children rarely have access to junk food at home and are mostly just allowed to eat healthy things.

“We’ve always fed our kids that way,” Ripa said. “They don’t have a choice. We don’t keep a lot of junk in the house so they eat what’s there, which is a big bowl of fresh fruit.”

Aside from teaching them about living a healthy lifestyle, Ripa also limited their TV and phone time. She typically only allowed them to watch TV on the weekend and also banned them from using their phones during study hours. Ripa had access to their phones as well, which means that they often had little privacy. 

When her daughter Lola was younger, Ripa had a say in how her daughter dressed as well. “First thing in the morning, it’s a major discussion about what she’s going to wear,” Ripa shared with WebMD. “I’ve learned to give her limited options: ‘You can wear this or this.’”

Finally, Ripa is also strict about making sure her kids have good manners. They have been taught to write thank-you notes whenever they receive presents, and they learned not to interrupt other people during a conversation as well.

Is Kelly Ripa a good mom?

A few of Ripa’s rules might seem a bit too much for some parents, who would argue that her children should be given more independence and not be controlled all the time. However, Ripa’s children do seem well-adjusted compared to other celebrity kids.

Instead of making headlines for partying and using drugs with their parents’ money, they lead private lives and are career-oriented. Perhaps Ripa’s strict parenting style did do wonders in keeping her kids in check and making sure that they do not fall into the trap of being spoiled children.

Moreover, Ripa has shown time and time again that, despite having a busy and demanding career, she still tries to be involved in her children’s lives. In 2014, she shared with US Weekly that they spend time together as a family as much as they can, especially before work and school.

Ripa explained: “We have breakfast together, walk to the bus stop, drop off the two older kids, walk home then I leave for work. I take my youngest to school because his school is very close to where I work, then I go to my job.”

Ultimately, over the years, Ripa found a parenting style that works for her and her family in hopes of making sure her children turn out to be the best people they could possibly be.

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