The most beautiful places to visit in Dubai

When you set foot in the United Arab Emirates, one of the most famous cities you will encounter is Dubai. Indeed, the city of Dubai is increasingly visited thanks to its luxurious hotels, its architecture, and its shopping malls. This city is full of wonders of the world that make it a great tourist attraction. Here is an article that reveals the most magnificent places in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa seems to be one of the wonderful places to visit in Dubai. It is a skyscraper that breaks the world record for its construction. Burj Khalifa remains one of the most beautiful buildings whose height is more than 828 m. This is what makes it a beautiful attraction. With its architecture, you will enjoy a spectacular view during your stay. Get more Informations about it here:


The Palm Islands

The Palm Islands are the most beautiful places to explore in Dubai. They are composed of artificial islands formed in the image of palm tree. These different places are named as the Palm Jebel, Palm Deira, Ali and Palm Jumeirah. They include luxurious hotels that meet the expectations of tourists.

Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is in the list of the most visited places in Dubai. Indeed, it appears a large fountain that is built on nearly 30 acres of artificial Burj Khalifa Lake. It is composed of more than 900 feet, 5 circles and 2 central arcs. This fountain is able to sprinkle more than 83,000 liters in the air in 1 hour of record. The Dubai fountain also features foamy lights that offer more beautiful shows.

Dubai Marina

Just like the previous places, Dubai Marina seems to be one of the places to visit in Dubai. Indeed, this city is located 3 km from a shoreline named after the Persian Gulf. The latter remains the largest port in the world. It offers an excellent view to the tourists thanks to these magnificent boats.

The Safari Desert

The Safari Desert is also a place not to be missed in Dubai. This dessert attracts most of the tourists in a year. You will be able to treat yourself to a beautiful drive.