What's the best hike to choose for adventures?

Are you an avid hiker? You've come to the right place to have an easy time discovering where to schedule your next hike. You will also discover the different activities to do on this hike to make your outing unforgettable. Then read this article for more information.

Visit Mount Des Morios for the summit challenge

Winter is folding its effects giving way to summer. Now is the time more than ever to enjoy hiking trips and to find out where to go click on https://letsgoplayoutside.com/en. Indeed, for hiking trips, the Mont des Morios in Charlevoix can be indicated for the sporting challenges it offers. It is full of wonderful natural spectacles thanks to its intermediaries that give you easy access. Thus, by going up on the top of this mountain, you will have a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River and even the other mountains of this place in all their dimensions and positions. Moreover, you will be seduced in your hike on the Mount of Morios by its alpine vegetation. This vegetation will offer you a good moment of sleep under the stars. Moreover, you can carry out wild camping as an activity for your well-being. Doing so is to properly enjoy the great outdoors as well as the aesthetics that the panorama offers.

Choosing a Bras-du-nord Valley trail

If you opt for a trail in this valley, then you will also discover the impressive city of Quebec. It is about a 45-minute drive from this city. Indeed, a hike in this place allows you to live in the open air to enjoy the winter or the summer through specific activities. It is a valley in which you will have during your stay 80 km of snowshoes. Are you a cycling enthusiast? The Bras-du-Nord Valley has 100 km of trails for mountain bikes. It also has trails for canoeing, fat biking and backcountry skiing.